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Root Cause Analysis System

Our online root cause analysis system, VUEcloud, helps fleet management teams and company directors identify the underlying issues negatively affecting the performance of their fleet.

If certain depots or drivers have higher instances of accidents, VUEcloud enables key decision makers inside your company harvest important fleet CCTV footage and share this footage securely with other internal decision makers and/or stakeholders such as HR and Health & Safety.

Senior decision makers are empowered through VUEcloud to undertake comprehensive root cause analysis steps, to identify any underlying issues that they need to address.

Root Cause Analysis Tools

An effective root cause analysis system will help fleet managers probe deeper into the problems that occur whilst operating their fleet.

If one particular driver is constantly having similar sorts of accidents an initial gut reaction could be simply that the driver needs more driver training, but through a thorough root cause analysis, it is easily identified that there is a dangerous blind-spot on his/her vehicle.

One possible solutions could be to fix more mirrors on the outside of the cab or fit live feed cameras into the vehicle to address the blind spot.

If you had only opted for more driver training, this wouldn’t have addressed the root cause of the problem which is the blind spot, and so the risk of a future accident hasn’t been reduced.

Bus and coach, and HGV drivers often have collisions with cyclists when turning left due to blind spots on their vehicles.

The VUEcloud online risk management software forms part of a wider company fleet risk management strategy.

Fleet management teams that have invested heavily in vehicle CCTV, and telematics systems often cite that an underlying motivation for purchasing the equipment was to help them reduce the costs of running their fleet and improve driver safety however, our company mantra is:

Knowledge is of no value unless you put it into practice

It is absolutely pointless for your company to invest in fleet vehicle CCTV and telematics systems unless you can use the data and information recorded to help in your root cause analysis endeavours, and this is where VUEcloud comes into play.

What Is the Root Cause Analysis Process Within the VUEcloud Risk Management System?

  1. Define the problem i.e. “My drivers keep crashing”
  2. Collect data (from your telematic and CCTV equipment)
  3. Use VUEcloud to review and share the footage and data to identify possible causes
  4. Identify the root cause i.e. driver error, driver training or issue with vehicle
  5. Take remedial action to fix the problem

The VUEcloud risk management system helps fleet operators hone-in on any underlying issues with their fleet, so that the management team can take steps to reduce the risk as much as possible for the future.

Being enabled to mitigate the risks associated with running fleet vehicles by identifying the root cause of any issues as they occur is a powerful tool in any fleet manager’s arsenal.

VUEcloud helps fleet managers manage their fleet optimally, by allowing the rapid uploading, viewing and sharing of important static and vehicle CCTV and telematics data quickly, and over great distance.

Due to the nature of the video footage that our clients’ vehicles record, the VUEcloud platform is built with the highest security safeguards in mind.

VUEcloud licenced individuals can set each invited users’ level of functionality within the VUEcloud platform.

It could be that a fleet management team needs to share video footage of a serious road traffic accident with an insurance company quickly.

The fleet operator might have other sensitive company documents that they do not want the insurance company to see, so the level of access that the third-party insurance company has can be restricted so they only see the files you want them to see.

VUEcloud is like a digital drawbridge where access to upload, view and share sensitive CCTV video footage and other associated files securely can be granted, or withdrawn.

It is important to mention that the VUEcloud operator has a full audit trail of who has viewed footage and the level of access each individual user had whilst in the system.

The VUEcloud Online Root Cause Analysis System helps fleet management teams in the following ways:

  • It adds value to their fleet management efficiency
  • VUEcloud contributes to a companywide risk management strategy
  • VUEcloud enables effective decision making when it comes to manging incidents involving fleet vehicles
  • VUEcloud helps remove uncertainty when handling insurance claims
  • VUEcloud reduces the time it takes to resolve insurance claims
  • VUEcloud acts as a driver training feedback loop in that drivers can review their own driving footage
  • Helps turn potential PR disasters into PR successes
  • VUEcloud helps instil the correct driver behaviour when used as part of a wider driver training strategy
  • VUEcloud helps positively reduce the risk of running a fleet by helping to improve driver behaviour
  • VUEcloud can contribute to significantly reducing insured risk and therefore insurance premiums

If you would like to arrange a free no-obligation demonstration of how VUEcloud works, please call +44 (0)161 641 5435 and/or email Simon or Skype Simon

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