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Heavy Haulage UK Fleet Vehicle Solutions & Fleet Management Services

Heavy Haulage UK | Fleet Risk Management Tool by VUEcloud

The transportation of abnormal Loads significantly increases the commercial risk for Heavy Haulage Fleet Operators in the UK.

Transporting abnormal loads is typically high risk in nature, for the operators and their employees but possibly even more so for the general public. Serious road traffic accidents involving abnormal loads in transit have a high potential for serious life-changing injuries or fatalities to occur.

Fleet Managers working in the Heavy Haulage Industry need to adopt meticulous planning and execution to mitigate the risks to their fleet, their load and the public as much as possible, and so any tool that helps the operator mitigate their fleet management risks warrants review.

VUEcloud when used in combination with in-vehicle CCTV systems and today’s advanced Telematics systems helps fleet operators mitigate their risk as much as possible.

Heavy Haulage UK | Fleet Risk Management Tool by VUEcloud

Heavy Haulage Fleet Managers have a duty of care to ensure the safe transit of any abnormal loads to minimise the potential for serious incidents to occur.

Abnormal loads are often transported on busy highways by specialist wide-load vehicles where the risks can increase significantly.

When an abnormal load is in transit you are dealing with unknown situations despite how thoroughly you may have planned in advance by conducting thorough risk assessments in line with current government advice and guidance.

There are many things that a fleet manager can manage and control to reduce the instance of any major incidents such as a serious Road Traffic Accident.

Notice Notice RoSPA, The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents states that 95 percent of all Road Traffic Accidents involve some human error.

The human error may not be your drivers; it may be a person in another vehicle. Sadly, the result will be largely the same. So, it is vitally important that drivers of heavy loads are trained to an exceptionally high standard focussing on hazard awareness, avoidance and what to do in the event of an emergency.

Heavy haulage operators using VUEcloud can quickly gain access to vital CCTV footage and photos recorded at the scene of an accident.

Getting this critical understanding of exactly what happened at the scene enables fleet operators to take appropriate actions such as following their companies’ incident response and health & safety procedures immediately and without delay.

It might be co-ordinating their own resources, liaising with the relevant authorities and/or third parties or just making sure their driver is doing everything possible to manage the situation swiftly, and safely.

Furthermore, they are incorporating actual fleet CCTV footage into their driver education and training programs reinforcing their culture of risk awareness and safety first which can have the effect of reducing the frequency and severity of fleet incidents. As you may imagine, this can reduce the overall costs of insurance claims.

Companies able to document and provide evidence of their commitment to safety are able to better protect themselves from a huge number of potential problems involving their fleet.

Abnormal Load in Transit | Fleet Risk Management Tool by VUEcloud

It is now common practice that heavy haulage companies will require an abnormal loads escort such as The Police or other company vehicles travelling in advance and at the rear of the abnormal load with the required safety lighting to alert others to the potential hazard.

Conscientious Heavy Haulage Fleet Operators will be aware of The Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act 2007.

Every appropriate step must be taken to mitigate the risks involved when transporting abnormal loads. Company Directors need to be aware of vicarious liability and how this can impact them.

“Vicarious liability refers to a situation where someone is held responsible for the actions and omissions of another. In a workplace context, an employer can be liable for the acts or omissions of its employees, provided it can be shown that they took place in the course of their employment.” (Source)

If a serious incident should occur, the appropriate authorities i.e. The Police, Insurers and The Health & Safety Executive will want to satisfy themselves that company directors took all appropriate steps to avoid the incident.

Custodial Sentences

Directors shown to have been ignoring their legal obligations when it comes to the safe and proper management of their fleet can expose themselves to a minefield of potential problems that can cripple their business.

Failure to apply all due care and attention during the transportation of heavy and/or abnormal loads can see drivers and their respective company directors facing prosecution, huge monetary fines and potential custodial sentences for serious breaches in Health & Safety policy and procedure.

So, with this in mind, it is clear to see why any tool that can be used to enhance and refine fleet risk management is a valuable asset for any fleet manager.

So, what is VUEcloud?

VUEcloud, which has been developed in the UK, is an extremely powerful fleet risk management tool that enables fleet managers to upload, view and share fleet vehicle CCTV footage almost instantaneously with any individual of their choosing anywhere in the world (where there is an internet connection and internet enabled devices such as a smartphone or computer).

VUEcloud also helps fleet operators identify, analyse and address any near misses and accidents as part of a wider fleet risk management strategy.

Any fleet manager using VUEcloud in conjunction with advanced vehicle telematics systems can be notified with an alert when one of their fleet vehicles experiences significant G-Forces that could warrant investigation. These alerts can highlight near misses and accidents. CCTV footage sent with the telematics system alert is then used as a resource to train the driver in question or to respond much more swiftly to road traffic incidents helping to keep costs down.

Should an incident occur, it could be that there are third parties at the scene who may have vital evidential footage or still photos from dashcams and/or smartphones that could be of interest to the fleet manager to illustrate that their driver wasn’t at fault.

Traditionally getting this footage could have been a major headache, taking days if not weeks. However, a fleet manager using the VUEcloud platform can quickly harvest the required footage and/or photos securely and share it with key decision makers internally and externally.

Fleet Operators and Fleet Management Risk Reduction Tool by VUEcloud

Heavy Haulage Fleet Risk Management Services | Fleet Management Risk Reduction

VUEcloud helps fleet operators to pro-actively manage their insurance risk by providing an audit trail of near misses and/or accidents which can then become training aids within the organisation.

VUEcloud reduces the burden on your workforce such as the time it takes to successfully manage insurance claims to completion helping to keep the costs of insurance claims down.

VUEcloud, when combined with onboard CCTV footage and telematics data, can help you resist those costly fraudulent insurance claims that you otherwise could have struggled to manage.

VUEcloud considerably reduces the time it takes to share important fleet CCTV footage, images and other important digital information with key decision makers both inside and outside your organisation such as the Police, fleet insurance companies, third party insurance companies, vehicle repair specialists, solicitors, underwriters etc.

There are countless client success stories where VUEcloud has saved our clients tens-of-thousands of pounds inside the initial years support, and in one instance the total saving to one client was more than a six-figure sum.

Heavy Haulage Fleet Risk Management Solutions

Heavy Haulage Fleet Risk Management Solutions

VUEcloud helps operators manage their fleet risk more effectively.

VUEcloud is a powerful fleet risk management tool that helps heavy haulage operators with: -

  • implementing their risk management strategy
  • gaining efficiencies in their fleet incident response capabilities
  • reducing the costs of insurance claims
  • combating insurance fraud targeting their fleet drivers
  • effectively managing insurance claims through to completion
  • identifying and analysing the root cause of any fleet incidents
  • driving continuous improvement through ongoing driver education

If you would like to find out more about how VUEcloud could improve operational efficiency and reduce the costs of running your business fleet, please call +44 (0)161 641 5435 and/or email Simon or Skype Simon

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