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Fleet Risk Management System

Fleet Risk Management System

Fleet risk management systems are an indispensable tool to help fleet managers identify and manage the risks of operating fleet vehicles effectively.

Managing risk is one of the most important areas of managing a fleet there is.

It is recognised that a company’s brand and reputation can be damaged by inconsiderate fleet drivers seen to be a menace on the roads.

We have all seen fleet vehicles at some point being driven in a high-risk fashion.

It could be that the fleet driver is speeding, weaving in and out of traffic in an attempt to shave just seconds off a journey, braking sharply and a whole host of other high risk manoeuvres that could stand to hurt your company reputation.

Many fleet operators have invested in advanced telematics and CCTV camera systems to help them manage their fleet more effectively, however, this is just half the answer they need.

If a driver is purposefully reckless, then this is a ticking time bomb that has the potential to ruin your company’s good name and the good will that you have spent a lot of time and money building up.

The Corporate Manslaughter Act 2007 means that for the first time in law, companies and organisations can be found guilty of corporate manslaughter as a result of serious management failures resulting in a gross breach of duty and care.

Conscientious fleet management teams and company directors would be interested to know if one of their drivers was putting themselves, other road users and the company and its directors in harm’s way.

VUEcloud is an enterprise class fleet risk management system that helps fleet operators proactively manage the risks their fleet can come into contact with.

What is Risk Management?

Risk Management is a business process that helps analyse, identify and control organisational risk that could impact a business’s profitability.

Fleet Risk Management is an all too important area of effective fleet management in that it helps identify the root cause of any incidents and provides management team's appropriate information so that they can make steps to mitigate the risk as much as possible in the future.

Risk assessments help fleet management teams identify and manage known risks, however, effective risk management will also help companies identify operational risks that may not become clear until some point in the future.

Risk Management Strategy

Effective risk management strategies help companies mitigate risk efficiently, and VUEcloud is a powerful online tool that helps fleet operators manage their fleet risk.

Since the early 2000s, there has been more focus on regulatory compliance and companies achieving high levels of operational efficiency and safety.

Many company directors may be familiar with ISO accreditation which can be seen as a stamp of quality for their internal business processes.

ISO31000 focusses on Risk Management and can be used by companies regardless of their organisation's target sector and/or size. The ISO31000 standard focusses on providing frameworks for risk management and improving company processes.

Fleet operators may or may not have achieved an ISO accreditation for Risk Management, however, more and more operators can see the benefits of effectively managing their fleet risk effectively.

To support companies who are serious about improving their internal business processes, and improving the safety of their fleet then VUEcloud is a powerful online risk management tool that contributes to an effective fleet management system.

The VUEcloud Online Risk Management System helps fleet management teams by:

  • underpinning a wider risk management strategy
  • supporting senior decision making when it comes to handling incidents involving fleet vehicles
  • reducing the time taken to resolve insurance claims
  • helping instil the correct driver behaviour when used as part of a wider driver training strategy
  • providing a means to significantly reduce insured risk and therefore insurance premiums

Risk Management Process and Root Cause Analysis

So where does VUEcloud fit in a risk management process?

Firstly, any near-misses or incidents involving a fleet vehicle should be thoroughly investigated internally.

Depending on the size and structure of your business it could be that there may be a few interested stakeholders who will have a keen interest in working closely with your fleet management team to enforce company policy, especially where there is a commitment to safety and operational efficiencies.

Departments that we find help fleet managers instil the right company culture amongst fleet drivers are health & safety, and HR.

Firstly, if one of your drivers was involved in a serious road traffic accident where a member of the public was hurt it is mission critical that your business handles the unfortunate event swiftly.

The VUEcloud Online Risk Management system enables companies to swiftly harvest potentially sensitive CCTV footage.

Once the recorded footage is in VUEcloud, it can be carefully analysed to identify the root cause of the accident or near-miss and identify risk to be considered for the future.

Having the ability to quickly conduct a root cause analysis of any accidents helps your company respond properly and roll-out effective damage limitation techniques by taking control of the developing situation as early as possible.

By proactively managing any incidents involving your fleet, this helps to reduce the overall burden on vital company resources and also helps mitigate the chances of a similar occurrence happening in the future.

Managing Insurance Risk

As already highlighted above, the VUEcloud online risk management software helps save fleet management teams time and money, however, it is important not to overlook the wider benefits that the VUEcloud platform can have in managing insurance risk.

For many years now, insurance providers have sought to resist timewasting and spurious insurance claims that have the effect of pushing the costs of insurance premiums up.

The Association of British Insurers estimates that insurance fraud adds on average an extra £50 to the annual insurance bill for every UK policy holder.

Most fleet management teams have, or will have exposure to spurious claims at some point in their career.

The VUEcloud fleet risk management tool helps fleet managers share evidential footage quickly with insurers and other key decision makers and so this alone can prevent lengthy, drawn-out litigation processes where each side is squabbling over accepting liability. Evidential footage helps identify which party is at fault swiftly.

VUEcloud helps manage insurance risk in other areas too.

As highlighted earlier on this page, when VUEcloud is used as part of a wider risk management strategy that provides ongoing driver training then this is where fleet managers can really reap the full benefits of the VUEcloud risk management platform.

Fleet vehicle drivers are increasingly more accepting of vehicle CCTV and Telematics equipment as this is being viewed less and less as ‘big brother’ is watching them, and more that the systems are in place for their safety and that of the wider public.

Fleet vehicle drivers who are given the opportunity to review actual video footage of any near misses or accidents they have had can learn from the experience and take steps to make sure that the risk of a similar occurrence in the future is somewhat reduced.

When fleet management teams do all that they can to improve driver safety, which has the result of reducing the instances of accidents and near misses, this can have the effect of reducing their insured risk, which in turn can help to lower fleet insurance premiums.

VUEcloud is proven to support fleet management in their risk mitigation endeavours.

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