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Fleet Risk Management

Commercial vehicle fleet management teams face daily challenges to ensure that their fleet operates as efficiently as possible.

The VUEcloud Online Fleet Management Software enables fleet management teams to quickly harvest, view, analyse, share and manage important fleet, and third-party CCTV footage of any accidents and/or near miss incidents and, has the potential to help analyse advanced telematic data quickly and efficiently. Antiquated fleet management processes may rely on unsecure file sharing applications however, this does not come without a catalogue of risks.

VUEcloud is an enterprise class, secure media and asset management portal that helps to streamline fleet management practices within a number of highly beneficial areas such as incident management and reporting, liaising with insurance companies quickly and helping to contribute to a wider fleet risk management strategy.

VUEcloud has helped many fleets mitigate their fleet risk, by underpinning tailored driver training and driver behaviour programmes with the aim of significantly reducing the fleets insured liability, and insurance premiums.

VUEcloud is a beneficial commercial fleet service that is proven to help reduce the costs of managing a fleet of vehicles.

If you would like to find out more about how VUEcloud can increase incident response times, enhance service delivery and support, please call +44 (0)161 641 5435 and/or email Simon or Skype Simon