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Fleet Driver Training is a critical area of managing a fleet of vehicles effectively. Indeed, most companies pursue fleet driver training to improve driver behaviour whilst behind the wheel.

Given the potential for serious harm to occur to fleet drivers and members of the public should an accident happen, regular fleet driver training is an important tool to mitigate driver risk in your fleet as much as possible.

By providing regular opportunities for fleet drivers to learn and improve their driving style and safety, this can have the effect of reducing risk and the number of accidents that occur.

The role of the fleet driver is a position that requires a high degree of trust and responsibility.

Let’s face it, the vehicles fleet drivers command are huge, highly visible, moving adverts for your company.

Company vehicles can either be seen in a positive or negative light, and those companies whose drivers seem to disregards their own, and public safety can all too easily bring their employers company into disrepute.

Furthermore, with the introduction of The Corporate Manslaughter Act of 2007, fleet drivers and companies can both be liable for any fatalities that occur on the roads should it be found that there has been a gross breach of a duty of care.

Drivers, companies and company directors can all face serious fines of such magnitude that they can cripple the business and in addition, the possibility of lengthy custodial jail sentences remains should a prosecution be successful.

The VUEcloud online risk management software helps fleet managers identify potential problem areas with their drivers’ behaviour, risk awareness and overall driver attitude so that tailored, advanced driver training can be implemented at the earliest opportunity.

Fleet management teams that have invested heavily in fleet telematics and fleet CCTV equipment often tell us that the primary goal of investing in this equipment was that it will have a positive effect in reducing the overall costs of running their fleet.

Historically, fleet driver trainers have had to wait for an accident to occur, then perform an adequate root cause analysis to identify what caused the accident in the first place before they could deliver appropriate training to the driver involved.

VUEcloud forms part of a wider risk management strategy, and when VUEcloud is combined with onboard vehicle technology such as telematics and CCTV equipment then it enables fleet management teams to quickly identify potential problems and nip them in the bud by delivering appropriate driver training before an accident occurs.

The best accident is the one that never happens, and so prevention is better than cure.

Advanced driver training should only be carried out by competent individuals with up-to-date qualifications to ensure that the training delivered is specific and relevant to the driver, and the class of vehicle they operate.

As with all things in business, being able to document and record events so that you have a full and proper audit trail should it be required is always a common-sense practice.

VUEcloud supports fleet management teams in delivering highly targeted fleet driver training.

The VUEcloud platform enables fleet managers to quickly harvest static and vehicle CCTV footage from accidents and/or near misses to help drivers learn from their own mistakes.

The VUEcloud online risk management system also provides fleet managers an all-important audit trail alongside the uploaded CCTV and other important documents and files should you need to know who has watched CCTV footage and what they did with it.

The VUEcloud online risk management software is particularly powerful when helping companies handle their insurance claims and personal injury claims more effectively.

At some point in a fleet managers career, they may have to contend with spurious and largely timewasting insurance claims which could at one time dragged on for what seemed forever.

When it comes to serious accidents involving fleet vehicles, and especially where a third-party sustained an injury and the third party allege that your fleet driver has been negligent then you can expect their lawyers to be in touch.

Some of the key questions their lawyers will want answers to include, but are not limited to;

  • Was the fleet driver qualified to drive the vehicle they were driving?
  • Do they have an underlying medical condition that could affect their safety whilst at the wheel?
  • Do they have a history of similar accidents?
  • If there have been similar incidents previously, what steps (fleet driver training) did the driver’s employer take to prevent them happening again?
  • What role specific training had the driver received in the build up to the accident?
  • What areas for improvement did their last driver risk assessment highlight?

Thankfully due to the flexibility of VUEcloud, handling insurance claims swiftly is now a lot easier.

If you have important evidential CCTV footage and other documentation that either proves, or disproves your company liability, then this can be shared at speed with the insurance companies securely via the VUEcloud platform.

To help the company manage their insured risk (the driver), we advocate using this footage as part of an ongoing fleet driver training program.

Drivers presented with video footage of their own driving are generally more accepting and open to advice on how to improve their driving style with the ultimate goal of improving their own safety whilst at work.

According to ROSPA, the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents, more than a third of all road traffic accidents involve a driver who is at work at the time and ninety-five percent of all road traffic accidents involve some sort of human error.

Scary isn’t it? You can see why most forward thinking fleet management teams focus heavily on improving driver behaviour by delivering ongoing driver training.

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