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Emergency Services and Vehicle Solutions powered by VUEcloud

What is VUEcloud?

VUEcloud is powerful tool that enables emergency service personnel to quickly harvest, upload, review and share video footage and other digital files from a number of sources including, but not limited to, emergency vehicle CCTV, 3rd party dashcams, wearable bodycams, building fixed CCTV and mobile phone recorded footage.

How can VUEcloud help with Emergency Response and Recovery?

VUEcloud helps the emergency services address the key principles of effective emergency response and recovery.

It has long been recognised that video footage can help emergency service personnel in a variety of different ways depending on their role, however, the secure sharing of video footage at speed has historically been a major challenge.

VUEcloud enables emergency personnel to harvest footage and information from the scene of an incident, and review it in near real time. Mobile phone footage can be gathered easily from witnesses and bystanders who may have vital information to assist the emergency and security services.

Important CCTV footage and other digital information can be easily yet securely shared with key decision makers both internally and externally. VUEcloud retains a full audit trail of whom information has been shared, and more importantly, what they have done with it.

VUEcloud used by NHS Ambulance Trusts

“From the outset, we have utilised VUEcloud and today it is a vital system for our business. Secure storage and transfer of information whilst maintaining the highest standards of governance is exactly what we need, VUEcloud provides this and more.” – General Manager, Ambulance Service, NHS Trust

VUEcloud provides a key link between the Ambulance Trusts, the NHS and their Insurance Partners. Accidents and incidents can be quickly understood, be under control and the right decisions made, speeding up the claims procedure and reducing the cost of overall claims. Vehicle footage is also used in ongoing driver performance monitoring.

“We have our own claims dashboard displayed on VUEcloud courtesy of our insurers”

Root Cause Analysis

Root cause analysis is an effective strategy when seeking to identify risk so that it may be managed appropriately in future. Emergency services often seek to understand the root cause of any incidents and VUEcloud helps with this process.

VUEcloud assists emergency personnel in performing root cause analysis by providing a comprehensive incident management system where all relevant information regarding serious incidents can be securely stored.

The information contained in VUEcloud can be categorised easily, searched and retrieved instantly by incident type, name of responder etc. In fact, whatever information you wish to report on, can easily be added to the VUEcloud system.

VUEcloud can help the following collaborate and communicate information more efficiently:

  • Police Services
  • Amubulance Services
  • Fire and Rescue Services
  • Health Bodies
  • HM coroner
  • Local Councils
  • Government Agencys and other non-departmental public bodies (NDPBs)
  • The Voluntary Sector

Return on Investment

Often one of the biggest challenges is getting the return on your investment in the technology you put on a vehicle. Generating lots of data is of no use unless you can put it into action and use it in your business. VUEcloud compliments any organisations investment in emergency vehicle equipment by maximising your return on investment helping you convert all that data into information that can be used in your decision making and planning. The returns can include significant time and cost savings as well as enhancements in operational efficiency.

CCTV cameras are everywhere, and the information recorded by them can be a huge benefit to the successful investigation of incidents. Being able to review and analyse information helps with the prevention of and successful management of any future incidents of a similar type.

To find out more about VUEcloud and how we can help your organisation, please contact us by emailing or by calling +44 (0)161 641 5435.

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