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Bus and Coach Fleet Risk Management by VUEcloud

VUEcloud committed to Bus and Coach Market

The Bus and Coach market provides an invaluable service to the public and private sector. However, successfully operating a fleet of passenger vehicles on the roads does not come without risk. This is where VUEcloud as part of your Managed Fleet Services comes into focus.

All Bus and Coach companies serious about their business have wide-ranging fleet risk management strategies in place, including extensive use of in and on-vehicle CCTV and telematics tracking systems.

Bus and Coach Fleet Risk Management by VUEcloud

They ensure that they ‘drive’ (pardon the pun) the right driver behaviour. That behaviour focusses heavily on driving responsibly and in a manner that matches the road conditions.

Here at VUEcloud, we enable Fleet Operators who have invested in vehicle CCTV and/or Telematics equipment to enhance their fleet management and Fleet Tracking capabilities by providing them with VUEcloud a platform to manage all the CCTV footage and recorded data easily, effectively, and securely.

Bus and Coach | Fleet Health & Safety | Fleet Risk Management and Driver Safety Health and Safety in the workplace

Fleet operators in the Bus and Coach Market that do not instil a commitment to Health & Safety as part of a wider Fleet Management Strategy are putting themselves, their drivers and the public at risk of serious injury or death.

In fact, The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (ROSPA) states that 95% of all road traffic accidents are as a result of some human error.

Bus and Coach Fleet Road Safety | Fleet Safety Strategy and Management

And the UK Dept of Transport (DoT) claims that 33% of all accidents involve someone driving whilst at work. This accounts for 20 fatalities and as many as 250 accidents on UK roads every single week.

Pre-Brexit, the UK had long been recognised as having some of the safest roads in Europe however, this is only due to the commitment of the authorities, local council and the general public to ensure the risks associated with driving a vehicle are reduced as much as possible.

Health & Safety has to be at the very heart of any effective risk management strategy. A strategy focussing on safety will have a potential contributory effect on reducing your fleet risk as well as your insurance claims costs.

What is VUEcloud?

VUEcloud is an enterprise-class, cloud-based CCTV video management platform.

VUEcloud is used by leading transport fleets to enable them to easily share CCTV footage with their insurers, their broker, the authorities and anyone else who needs to see it quickly and easily with complete confidence that the information is totally secure.

VUEcloud is an intuitive Web-based Fleet Management Software tool that makes easy what used to be very hard i.e. the straightforward sharing of very proprietary CCTV footage with all the people who need to access it at speed.

CPT UK membership

VUEcloud is proud to be a member of The Confederation of Passenger Transport UK (CPT) that is recognised by Government as the voice of the bus and coach industry, and the focus for consultation on national and international legislation, local regulations, operational practices and engineering standards.

VUEcloud can provide many benefits to Bus & Coach Operators in the UK and have preferential packages for CPT members.

If you would like to find out more about how VUEcloud can increase incident response times, enhance service delivery and support, please call +44 (0)161 641 5435 and/or email Simon or Skype Simon

CPT UK – the Trade Association Representing the UK's Bus and Coach Industries

How Can VUEcloud Benefit your Fleet Management Strategy?

Most fleet operators now recognise the many positives of having CCTV cameras on their vehicles and around their places of work even if it were forced upon them.

Accidents and near misses involving vehicles are an ever-present and growing risk that needs to be managed effectively.

As margins in a business decrease, business pressure rises and schedules become tighter and so the level of operational risk can increase quickly too.

We have many documented occasions where accidents, crimes and other major incidents have been captured either by a vehicles onboard CCTV, or static CCTV cameras at a company premises and now more frequently by a third parties’ vehicle dashcam that witnessed and recorded any incidents or near misses.

It is now not enough to just simply ‘record’ CCTV footage and forget about it. There is a wider problem of what to do with all this valuable footage once it has been recorded. You need to be able to put it to work in the business.

Cash for Crash Defence

Bus and Coach Fleet Incident Response Tool by VUEcloud

Let’s say, for example, that one of your drivers is involved in a road traffic accident. Within a few days, you receive several serious personal injury claims where multiple people in the claimant’s vehicle are all stating your driver was at fault.

The communication from the members of the public states that your driver was driving without due care and attention and this forms the basis of their claim against you and your insurers.

The ‘victims’ go on to state that they are pursuing your company for considerable compensation payments for their alleged injuries.

Bus and Coach Fleet Operators | Combat Cash for Crash Insurance Fraud

Your fleet manager reviews the vehicle footage and the CCTV evidence of the event tells a different story. The recorded footage clearly shows that your driver wasn’t in the wrong.

The footage shows that the claimant's vehicle jumped a red light and was in your vehicle’s blind spot and it was the claimant’s vehicle that caused the accident.

Now historically, there has been a problem of how to get the footage to the authorities, solicitors, insurers and other key decision makers quickly.

This is where VUEcloud can help you.

VUEcloud provides a secure platform to harvest critical CCTV footage and other key documents and files such as photos, 3rd party videos, risk assessments etc. that can then be shared securely with key people both internally and externally.

What used to take people hours if not days to do (if they even had the right tools) is now able to be done in minutes. This is a quote from the General Manager of one of London’s largest private coach businesses: -

“ I love this - what just took me 2 minutes used to take me hours to do; find a window to burn the CD, put it in a jiffy bag, send it off to our insurer, several times it got damaged and I had to resend it, on top of that I can now send it to several people in seconds ”

VUEcloud lets you give 3rd parties the same easy way to upload and share their footage with you too.

VUEcloud Bus & Coach Fleet Risk Management Tool

Separately, when your fleet manager reviews the uploaded footage from the 3rd party witness, it further corroborates your driver’s recollection of the events.

Now that you have evidence that proves your driver and company was not at fault, being able to share this footage at speed with all involved decision makers is key. Time here is a critical ingredient in the cost-effective handling of claims.

Your fleet manager now invites their insurer, the Police and other decision makers to VUEcloud so that they can view the supporting evidential footage.

Now, it is likely that this select group of people may need to get the footage and other uploaded information to other key decision makers inside their organisation quickly.

This is where your fleet operator would permit these invited users to be able to share the uploaded footage with a wider audience, and also be able to determine what the users they invite can do with the footage.

Once all the key decision makers had received the footage much sooner than was previously possible, a decision was made about liability that absolved your company from the blame of being at fault.

Very quickly your company has rejected several spurious personal injury claims each potentially worth tens-of-thousands-of-pounds and your insurance profile was not adversely affected. And a driver who was confident of his innocence does not have the stress of still being under investigation or even suspended from duties pending investigation.

In addition, considerable resources at your company were not wasted in dealing a very time-consuming claim with the potential to span many months or even years with the constant and ongoing administration and claim management time now having been saved.

VUEcloud can pay for itself in just one claim scenario like this.

Wider Benefits of VUEcloud for Fleet Management Teams

  • Reduce the Costs of Insurance Claims
  • Enhance Fleet Risk Management
  • Combat Insurance Fraud
  • RTA Root Cause Analysis
  • Fleet Incident Management Tool
  • Driver Training Tool

If you would like to find out more about how VUEcloud can increase incident response times, enhance service delivery and support, please call +44 (0)161 641 5435 and/or email Simon or Skype Simon

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